Royal Mail

From the moment Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton announced their wedding date, the race was on. The Royal Mail had 21 weeks to produce the commemorative Royal Wedding stamps. Atelier got the call.

Of course, we had no access to the couple. Instead, two weeks later, we received the now-celebrated Mario Testino images. Naturally, the world-famous photographer wanted to know what we were going to do with them...

Two poses; one formal, the other more relaxed. They were doubled up and set into a miniature sheet with the Prince's crest. It seems simple looking back now, but at the time there were a number of design options explored, a lot of confidential calls, visuals being sent back and forth to the Palace, and a general sense of mounting tension. Would the designs get approved in time and could they be printed and on sale in time for the big day?

The Royal Mail delivered, one week before the wedding.

stamps sheet wedding.jpg

Stamp format/size: portrait 35mm x 37mm. Size of miniature sheet: 115mm x 89mm. Print process: gravure. Phosphor: bars. Gum: PVA. Number of stamps: four.


Atelier also commissioned the traditional copperplate lettering artist Frederick Marns for our own commemorative card. Sent out to clients and friends, it announced the occasion of the new stamp.