National Film & Television School


The National Film School opened in 1971, the culmination of a major effort by the Industry and government to create an institution to educate and train talent for the British Film Industry. The incoming director, Henning Camre, wanted to celebrate the achievements of the school and flag a new era of an equal focus on film and television in the curriculum.


Using witty graphic illustrations of some of the best known films and tv such as Last of the Mohicans and Reservoir Dogs, we promoted the talented graduates of the National Film & Television School.


Dogs cross comp.jpg

Lipstick on your collar. A Dennis Potter classic depicting the sexual fantasies (and realities) of 1950's War Office civil servants

Last of the Mohicans. Michael Mann's adaptation of J. Fenimore Cooper's novel on the colonisation of America

Oranges are not the only fruit. A BAFTA award-winning story of a gay woman's awakening having been raised by a fanatically religious mother

Reservoir Dogs. Quentin Tarrantino's first major hit telling the story of a bank robbery gone horribly wrong, with colourful characters