Association of Illustrators

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Published by the Association of Illustrators, their 'Images' annual showcases the very best in British contemporary illustration. It's content is jury-selected and provides industry creatives with a sourcebook of established and emerging talent.

To mark the AOI's quarter of a century milestone Atelier were commissioned to reformat the annual and give it a celebratory theme. In a move that initially puzzled the established illustrators on the AOI board, Atelier commissioned a new illustrator Katherina Manolessou to prepare special works for the cover and dividing pages. She also illustrated the jury members and provided illustrations for the AOI web site. Seizing the opportunity with such enthusiasm, Katherina used the book as a launchpad for her illustration career. Thus, the AOI broadened its remit; it not only represented the interests of illustrators but now also nurtured new talent. The Images annual immediately became even more desirable.

256 pages, 444 illustrations, hardback and paperback, 24 × 31.5cm

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Atelier designed the following three annuals and help launch the careers of more new illustrators.