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For more than 50 years, Tibet has suffered extreme political turmoil and occupation. Tibetan religious freedom and traditions have been systematically eroded. The roving photojournalist Steve McCurry has made many visits to the country over the last 20 years, recording what he has seen of Tibetan life.

McCurry's eye captured a pervading Buddhist spirit. There is a calmness about his compositions and a reliance on a colourful simplicity. We sensed that our book design should not intrude so we divided The Path to Buddha into three chapters. Each has a visual story to tell; about monks, meditation, and pilgrimages. These three themes were interspersed with everyday images of ordinary but defiant Tibetans.

144 pages, hardback, 25 × 25cm


Chapters are marked with a strident blast of the deep red that matches the colour of the monks' robes. Chapter titles remain, like the monks' demeanour, understated.