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Unconscious bias refers to the biases we have of which we are not in conscious control. These biases occur automatically, triggered by our brain making quick judgments and assessments of people and situations based on our background, cultural environment and our experiences. There is a growing body of research which suggests unconscious biases influence key decisions in the workplace and are responsible for some of the enduring inequalities that are evident today. One research study revealed that male applicants were significantly more hireable than female applicants. Men also have higher starting salaries and better career mentoring.

King's College London have been proactive in tackling this gender imbalance, which is acknowledged to be particularly acute across the wider academic sector. Amongst a range of initiatives the university is seeking to encourage its female undergraduates and post graduates to consider continuing their careers in academia. But if their lecturers are predominantly male, where will they meet their role models?



Following Atelier's creation of the King's Strand Campus alumni frieze (see University Alumni), we developed a corridor frieze featuring only senior female professors. They were photographed without special make up, using natural light and simple head and shoulders compositions are accompanied by honest accounts of their career challenges and how they were overcome.




Installed in major corridors on two campuses, the Meet the Professor friezes are arresting to the passer by and engaging for students waiting to attend their next lecture.


Professor Evelyn Welch, Vice-Principal (Arts & Sciences) spoke at the launch event. "I'm so delighted that we have been able to put up this inspiring image of the remarkable women at King's. Please note that there is space for another 100 female professors!"

Quote_1.jpg Year 1 student, Medicine

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