Bickleigh Down

Bickleigh Down is a new residential development just outside Portsmouth, designed by renowned eco-architect Bill Dunster, and built by longtime client Cornerstone Assets. The houses are designed to be zero carbon, and to use only a tiny amount of energy, like Dunster's famous award-winning BedZed development, Bickleigh is an earnest attempt to find the right model for sustainable housing.

alphabet_concept_2.jpg We designed the logo for Cornerstone as a big C chiselled into Portland Stone. Literally a corner stone. For this first big project, we proposed the idea of another letter, indeed every development can have a letter, building their own alphabet.

alphabet_concept.jpg The B of Bickleigh uses the two symbols that convey the essence of the architect's idea: a home powered by natural means: a house surmounted by a sun.

pattern_bickleigh.jpg Colours derived from the flowers of the Down create freshness and variety. A simple grid gives everything structure. If the sales are anything to go by, Bill and Cornerstone are going to be planning a whole town next.