Before HMV ownership, Waterstone's operated more than 200 shops all over the UK. Having absorbed Dillon's and Hatchards bookshops, they were faced with the problem of reaching a much broader customer base under the Waterstone's brand. Our task was to create window and point of sale promotions which were much more promotional in the fast-changing market.


The strategy was to focus on a core difference with which founder Tim Waterstone embued the organisation — upholding the brand values of 'a passion for books', through knowledgeable, helpful staff rather than the 'hired hands' of the book megastores.

waterstones icecream.jpg Photo Martin Parr

We made a conscious decision to emphasise this passion with thought-provoking, witty imagery separated from the actual promotion, which was contained in a separate panel. Every month, the windows were refreshed with new material — sometimes regional, sometimes national. Always a challenge to recreate the unique Waterstone's offer, but our own passion for good design made it both distinctive and effective...

waterstones comp4.jpg