Thayananthan Baskaran


Our work for law chambers 5RB has been noticed. Thaya is a lawyer based in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, who trained in London, and has friends at 5RB. Thaya is an expert in contract and tort law, and an experienced mediator. He wanted a website to present himself to clients, and stationary to match.

Like any project, you look for ways of creating one or two distinctive features. We found rhythms or corresponding letters in his glorious name, which made a kind of logo. The sequence of his capabilities gives the really clear navigation at the top of his website, as well as spelling out his areas of expertise.

Thaya logo.jpg

Thaya web.jpg

Thaya web2.jpg

In order to underline his main area of work - construction - we put him in touch with Malaysia's best photographer, Ming Thein, after we spotted he had just photographed a sequence of images of Malaysia's biggest construction project, the Klang Valley MRT. The photographs create an atmosphere and a context, you can't show mediation or arbitration taking place, but you can show the purpose of it, to enable modernity's onward march.



Thaya Statinery2.jpg