Transformation Trust


The Transformation Trust is an education charity dedicated to creating opportunities and experiences that young people to develop skills and build their confidence - helping them learn more fruitfully and improving their employability. They do this by working with some of the most challenged schools in the country, developing programmes with local firms and other charities; such as designing energy efficiency projects, working on election campaigns, internships in local and national businesses, IT classes with programmers, orienteering with the Royal Navy, and so on.


A group of students had already come up with a metaphor for transformation: a caterpillar pupating and then turning into a butterfly: we were tasked with turning this sequence into a brand. We worked with a group of them in our studio producing rendering of the butterfly, the pupae, the caterpillar... all very elaborate. It struck me as we worked, the best logos work through concision, so we edited the sequence until it was just the butterfly, the earlier stages are implied, and then combined that butterfly with the letter T for Transformation and for Trust. The letter T makes the butterfly unique, makes it belong to the Trust, the main requirement of a logo.

The wings give us lots of opportunity to display different designs, from graphic patterns to photographs, to show that although the Trust is always the Trust, it is constantly changing its programmes and locations, with ever new children.