Lambeth Council


Lambeth First is the Borough of Lambeth's partnership organisation. It coordinates residents, communities, businesses, the public and private sectors, as well as voluntary groups. Lambeth First aims to develop a long-term vision to improve the quality of life of the people who live, work and study in Lambeth.

Atelier's brief was challenging; we had to develop a simple mark that could be implemented by the Lambeth First team. With such a broad community to address, it seemed logical to concentrate solely on the name for our creative solution. Putting Lambeth first in all matters was clearly the objective implied, so we fused a figure '1' with the letter 'L'.

Once delivered, we stood back and watched as the mark ran away with itself. A decade later, it is still flourishing, endorsing all sorts of local initiatives and it almost seems as if the mark itself has become a resident of the borough.


Here are some examples we recently gathered from local centres and across the internet. They are not designed by Atelier but we include them here because firstly, we found it fun to go 'logo hunting' and secondly, it is interesting to reflect on what happens to a brand identity when it leaves our studio, is adopted by others, then evolves, and we meet it ten years later.