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Integrity provides independent design management support to businesses that are developing, implementing or refreshing their brand identities. Integrity works closely with its clients and their designers, marketing departments and advertising agencies, to ensure the client's brand values are perfectly embedded and expressed.

It is this close two-way coordination between the client and the creatives that inspired Atelier's thinking about the Integrity identity; its integration skills clearly had to be strongly emphasised, so the two 'I's' in the name were adapted to represent this transactional role.

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Integrity has to lead by example, so every item of its identity has to be consistent.

5aside team.jpg

Consistency is an extremely important aspect of a well-managed brand identity. Note above, how even Integrity's five-a-side football team lines up so that the logo appears consistently aligned!



However, Integrity 'let themselves go' once a year at Christmas, when they are permitted just one indiscretion. Playing with your own logo is normally a branding crime, but Atelier approached this annual task with a bit of festive tongue-in-cheek fun. What better way to check that Integrity clients are paying attention?

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